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Product Review: In Your Face Cream

Product Review: In Your Face Cream

Let me tell you about my new favorite thing! Click this link to visit the website and enter the promo code WELCOME15 to receive 15% off your first order! Disclosure: This is my affiliate link. You don't...

9 Solutions for Thinning Hair THAT WORK!

9 Solutions for Thinning Hair THAT WORK!

Then one morning about a year ago as I was getting out of the shower, I squeegeed my hair back as per usual and noticed that my resulting lock of hair felt only a fraction as thick as it used to be.

Living Socially Distanced

Living Socially Distanced

No matter what your viewpoint happens to be on the subject, there’s no denying that social distancing for the Coronavirus has affected you, whether you’re sheltering at home or just on a hunt for toilet paper, household supplies, and a decent bagel.

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