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The Honest Truth About Getting Fit

The Honest Truth About Getting Fit

Getting fit. I honestly think all this thrill of victory talk about Being Your Bikini Best in 90 Days does nothing but create unrealistic expectations that set you up for the agony of defeat.

Aging Beautifully

Aging Beautifully

Once you turn 40, you start evolving into the real you; the mature, grown up, wise woman of the world you. And beyond that, you start becoming aged to perfection.

January Week 4 – Getting Outside the Box

January Week 4 – Getting Outside the Box

A majority of people spend a majority of time working inside a box – a relatively small framework of space. Days are spent sitting in front of a computer with arms extended only elbow distance away, evenings are spent binging on Netflix with arms extended only far enough to make the remote work.

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