About me

Do you want …

  • Know-how, to handle life’s challenges with flair and panache?
  • To travel and experience new things, on whatever budget you have available?
  • A sense of style all your own, that works great and makes you feel confident?
  • To be able to entertain beautifully?
  • A touch (or a lot) of romance in your life?
  • Essentially, to start living the life you’ve imagined, right now?

Me too!

Hi, I’m Kelley, and I believe anyone can have a beautiful life – you just have to be willing to learn a thing or two.

Let me tell you a little about myself …

People think I grew up privileged. I did not. In fact, I was born in the very shallow end of the gene pool.

I grew up in a tiny town in Texas, about 500 people (the town signpost actually said “499 People and One Old Grouch). There were five to seven kids in my grade (depending on the year) and about 50 in my entire school.

My mother and father separated before I was born, and my father, a trumpet player, never saw me. My mother, a singer who performed with various big band orchestras and U.S.O. tours, left a couple of years after I was born to continue pursuing her music career, and was never to be seen again, so clearly that went well. And I was left with alcoholic grandparents, smack in the middle of nowhere.

It was a hand-me-down life. Our dishes were plastic, our napkins were paper, and our food was grown, caught, or killed. And the only form of entertainment we could afford was television.

Television gave me a window to “people in the world.” They wore good clothes, even at home. They went out to dinner, and ordered things like café au lait and martinis (yes sir, I was all set to order one of those at about six). They used big words and knew what they meant. They traveled to exotic places and spoke other languages. And I desperately wanted to be one of those people.

My only resources were that I was smart, stubborn, and could figure things out. Even if I got it wrong once. Or twice. I was a sponge for learning art, literature, music, vocabulary and basic survival in any situation.

Fast forward – I’ve gone from stuck in the middle-of-nowhere to traveling all over the world. I’ve stayed in the worst motels and the best 5-star hotels. I’ve been lucky to get a Snickers bar for dinner and I’ve dined in the best Michelin-starred restaurants.

I’ve learned a lot, including how to put a little class into any situation and how to make living an art.

And now I get to share it with you! So relax, get cozy, and get ready to live your most beautiful life.



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