Romance and Passion

by | Feb 13, 2020

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by Kelley Pom

Being French on the inside, where it really counts, I’ve written a lot about romance. Paris is, after all, the City of Love, and romance is everywhere. It’s all about creating spark, mystery and excitement. And I love that, don’t you? But it does take that one other person, doesn’t it? And that’s not necessarily present all the time in everyone’s life.

I believe that above romance, there’s passion. And yes, it applies to that “special someone”, but it encompasses so much more.

Romance; well that involves you and that one other person. And that’s lovely. Passion, on the other hand, is all up to you, mon chère.

Passion is defined as a powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. It’s that fire that drives you to get up at 4 a.m. to make a pomme tarte for your daughter’s school party, or drive your son across town in hideous rush-hour traffic for karate. The thing that compels you to stay up until all hours to finish that painting, or write that story, or to go to that thing you’re too tired to go to (but you said you would).  It provides the zeal to go to a march or start a movement. Passion is in the way you care for yourself, your home, and the people and things you love.

Are you waking up in the morning with a fire in your belly, excited to tackle the day’s challenges, or at least make some headway? If not, it may be time for a little soul searching to find your passion. It may not be easy, and you may have to plow through a little garbage to get to a clear vision of what you’re passionate about across different areas of your life. But once you find it, it gives you the strength and power to do some pretty heroic, or at least semi-heroic, things.

It’s all about what’s important to you, but here’s some fuel for thought …

How about accomplishing something for yourself? You can get passionate about skin care, improving your health or strength. About learning a new skill or developing a new talent. Maybe there’s a Monet living inside you, waiting to paint or garden or both. You can be passionate about making your home an oasis or creating a style and wardrobe that makes you feel confident.

Maybe you want to become that “go-to” person at your work, start a new business, or create the next Amazon.

Then there’s becoming active in society, applying your abilities to addressing some issue like homelessness, drug abuse, or improving some other situation in the world. We could all use more of that.

Once you’ve found a thing or 12 to be passionate about, assess your own abilities and natural talents and how to best use them. We don’t all have the same talents and strengths – that’s what makes life interesting. But we all have our own super powers.

Then just get busy! Use the Google machine or YouTube videos to spark ideas for what you can do. There’s a wealth of free information on whatever your passion may be, so dig in.

What are you passionate about? I believe that if you can name one, you’re probably amongst the luckiest top third of the population. And if you can name three or four or more, you’re downright close to godliness.

This St. Valentine’s Day; yes, there will be romance. There will be perfume and flowers and a wonderful French meal paired with the perfect wine. But above all, there will be passion.

Wishing you love, romance, and passion this Valentine’s Day.


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    Very nice!

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