Should Women Over 50 Wear Red Lipstick?

by | Nov 27, 2018

Dear Kelley,

I’ve heard that women over 50 shouldn’t wear red lipstick. Is it true?

The short answer is no, it’s not true – I wouldn’t base any decision on the number of times I circled the sun. Do you look good in red, and does it make you feel good? Do even you look your age?

For the French woman, red lipstick is more fashion accessory than makeup, like your favorite necklace or jacket. But there are a few caveats:

There’s a red for almost everyone, and it’s crucial to wear the right red for you. Generally, fair complexions look best with a blue-based red, warmer tones look best with an orange-based red. And women with very dark complexions look fantastic with bright reds.

Ultimately, you need to try on different shades until you find the right one for you, and maybe bring a trusted friend or find a knowledgeable person at the makeup counter to help you.

That said, if you have very thin lips, red might not be the best way for you to go. Go for a more neutral shade (one approximately the color of your gums). At the very least, stay away from the very dark, burgundy reds. And consider over-lining your lips slightly (but not so much that you are wearing lipstick on the skin around your lips – that just doesn’t work).

And finally, if you’re wearing a strong color on your lips, don’t over-do the eye makeup. The French woman would accentuate either the lips or the eyes, never both. This becomes even more important as we mature.

Hope this helps, and enjoy your red lips!



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  1. Rey

    Thank you, I enjoyed your answer and agree with it.

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